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The Do's and Don'ts of CV Writing in India

The Do's and Don'ts of CV Writing in India

May 23, 2024

The Do's and Don'ts of CV writing in India

A Curriculum Vitae, commonly known as a CV, is a document that summarizes an individual’s qualifications, skills, experiences, and achievements. A CV plays a crucial role in the job search process as it is the first impression a recruiter has of a candidate. A well-crafted CV can make the difference between landing an interview or being overlooked. Therefore, it is essential to know the do’s and don’ts of CV writing in India to ensure that your CV stands out.

The Do's of CV Writing in India:

Tailor your CV for the job: It is essential to customize your CV to fit the job you are applying for. Highlight the skills and experiences that align with the job description to grab the recruiter's attention.

Use a professional format: Use a professional format and structure your CV with clear sections and headings. Use bullet points to list your achievements and responsibilities to make it easier to read.

Focus on achievements: Instead of just listing your job responsibilities, highlight your achievements in each role. Quantify your accomplishments to show the impact you made.

Include a personal statement: Include a personal statement at the top of your CV summarizing your key skills, experiences, and career goals. Keep it brief and to the point.

Use keywords: Use relevant keywords in your CV to ensure that it gets picked up by applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by recruiters.

The Don'ts of CV Writing in India:

Don't include irrelevant information: Avoid including irrelevant information in your CV, such as your hobbies or personal details like marital status and age.

Don't use a generic CV: Avoid using a generic CV for every job application. Instead, tailor your CV to fit the job description.

Don't exaggerate: Be honest in your CV and avoid exaggerating your achievements or skills. Recruiters can easily spot lies, which can harm your chances of getting the job.

Don't include a photo: In India, it is not necessary to include a photo in your CV. Avoid using a selfie or casual photo and opt for a professional headshot if required.

Don't forget to proofread: Make sure to proofread your CV thoroughly to avoid any spelling or grammar errors. A well-written and error-free CV shows attention to detail.


In addition to the above mentioned do's and don'ts, here are some more tips to keep in mind when writing your CV in India:

Keep it concise: Keep your CV concise and to the point. A typical CV should be no more than 2-3 pages long.

Use bullet points: Use bullet points to make your CV easy to read and scan. Bullet points help to break up long paragraphs and highlight key information.

Use action verbs: Use action verbs like 'managed', 'led', 'created', 'developed' etc. to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities in each role.

Highlight relevant skills: Highlight skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This will show the recruiter that you have the necessary skills to excel in the role.

Avoid jargon: Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that the recruiter may not be familiar with. Keep your language simple and easy to understand.

Include relevant contact information: Make sure to include your full name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile (if you have one) at the top of your CV.

Keep it professional: Use a professional font like Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman, and avoid using colourful fonts or backgrounds that can distract the recruiter from your content.

Update your CV regularly: Make sure to update your CV regularly with new skills, experiences, and achievements. This will ensure that you have an up-to-date CV ready to send out whenever you need it. offers a range of services that can help you with all aspects of CV writing in India. Their team of expert writers can help you craft a CV that highlights your strengths and achievements, and gets you noticed by recruiters. They also offer a range of additional services like interview coaching and job search assistance to help you land your dream job. With their professional expertise and industry knowledge, you can be sure that your CV is in good hands. is a top-rated resume writing service in India that offers professional CV writing services. They have a team of expert CV writers who have experience across various industries and can help you craft a CV that stands out. Their services include:

CV writing: They offer professional CV writing services customized to your specific requirements.

CV editing: If you have an existing CV, they can help you refine and polish it to make it more effective.

CV review: They offer a detailed review of your CV, highlighting areas for improvement and providing feedback.

LinkedIn profile writing: They can help you create a professional LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills and experiences.

Cover letter writing: They offer cover letter writing services that can help you craft a compelling introduction to your CV.

In conclusion, crafting a strong CV is essential to land the job you want. By following the do's and don'ts of CV writing in India and using the professional services of, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and landing your dream job.


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